Space & Telescopes


The Wellington Astronomical Society will be on hand with real telescopes you can use to view the moon, stars and planets for the @NIGHT festival, and solar viewing for the @DAY festival

We’re hoping to have a Meade LX200 ACF telescope with a digital camera eyepiece showing the moon on a big screen (see video of the moon we took with this telescope earlier in the year below).


Two Special Guests from NASA!

We’re really excited to welcome Jen Blank from NASA and the Blue Marble Institute of Science back to New Zealand for the 2017 festival!

Plus, for the first time EVER the Space & Science Festival has been able to bring a NASA Astronaut to Wellington. NASA Astronaut Yvonne Cagle will be visiting New Zealand for the @NIGHT and @DAY festivals on the 6th and 13th May.

Yvonne is inspirational to us all, you might have seen her at the Oscars supporting Katherine Johnson whose life was portrayed beautifully in the hit film ‘Hidden Figures’. The Space & Science Festival is also in the process of organising a special showing of Hidden Figures while Yvonne is visiting New Zealand (watch this space)…



Mark Gee is Wellington’s local award winning Astrophotographer. Mark helped start the Space & Science festival and through his ‘The Art of Night’ website shares his photos of Wellington’s beautiful dark skies. Mark will be at the festivals to showcase his work and give a talk on how you can also appreciate the dark skies we have here in New Zealand. On the 20th May Mark will run an evening dedicated to Astrophotography on the south coast of Wellington (Red Rocks).