Thank you to all contributing organisations and individuals for their support and commitment to ensuring the success of Space & Science Festival. 




The 2018 lead partner for the Space & Science Festival is Genesis Energy’s School-gen programme. The School-gen programme aims to provide teachers, students and their families with activities and resources that will help them learn about energy and sustainability. Through this programme Genesis is endeavouring to help young New Zealanders build their interest and skills in STEM.




The US Embassy in New Zealand have supported travel and costs for our special guests from the US in both 2017 & 2018, including NASA Astronaut Dr Yvonne Cagle, NASA Scientist Dr Jen Blank and, Director of the International Dark Sky Association Dr John Barentine for 2018.




Welcoming the dedicated team, Chris Mongati and Antony Gomez from the Wellington Astronomical Society. Having actively supported the Space & Science Festival since 2015, we are thrilled to have them back again to ensure everyone has a chance to look up at the night sky through a telescope or during the say through a solar scope – an experience you will not forget.”



Victoria University Wellington has been an active supporter and contributor of the Space & Science Festival since 2015. Welcome to the faculty of Science and, Computer Science and Engineering – both bringing a variety of interactive experiences to suit all interests.





We’re delighted to have Maths Craft return to the festival for a 3rd year. The Maths Craft area will feature a collection of craft creation stations that promises to engage people of all ages. Knit a mathematical knot, explore the wonders of the Möbius strip, fold an origami octahedron, draw an impossible triangle, or colour a Latin square and learn about the fascinating relationships between maths and craft. Enthusiastic volunteers, experienced in both mathematics and crafts, will make you feel at home no matter what your age or background.



Thrilled to have Rocket Lab supporting this years festival. Rocket Lab were early supporters of Space & Science Festival back in 2015.







Wellington Open Science Lab have been long-time supporters of the festival and are returning with their pop-up laboratory that allows vistors to examine live invertebrates and specimens under microscopic lenses. “It’s a great learning experience for everyone. The children are quick to learn how to use the microscope,” said DOC Science and Capability Honorary Ranger Dr. Karin Mahlfeld.




Newlands Intermediate School are big on STEM and know how to bring the fun to the festival. Welcome back for a second year with their KERBAL space programme and more outdoor messy play.




Jane and the House of Science return for their third year. We love their vision to raise scientific literacy in all of New Zealand – all ages, all ethnicities, all communities. Don’t miss their new interactive experience for 2018.



We’re really proud of the support from Gerry and Emily from Aerospace Education. Dedicated to Rocketry Education, with a plethora of educational resources and programmes for schools – they are our number one team for the Solid Fuel Rocket experience. Tickets online.




Welcome to the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. Showcasing some fascinating interactive displays and conducting two of our information talk sessions.




We’re incredibly grateful to Otago Museum for sharing their star Discovery Learning Co-ordinator, Amadeo Enriquez Ballestero. Otago Museum’s Discovery World has been an icon of fun and learning for the children of Dunedin, and for the 3rd year, Wellingtonians are able share in the fun. Watch out Greytown… we’re coming to you see you too!





Kaitlyn Martin is a multi-talented Science communicator, PhD Candidate, Evolutionary Biologist, Aspiring Astronomer and full-time Lover of life and scicomm, and we can’t wait to see her again as one of our incredible contributors.




Space Place have been actively involved with the festival since 2015. Join Troy and Becky, the amazing educators for a hands on, tactile space themed play. These tactile experiences help develop imaginative play, hand eye co-ordination and STEM problem solving as well as being FUN!





Dr Siouxsie Wiles and team have bought the wow factor to our festival since 2015. Bio-luminescent bacteria take art to a whole new level – and they glow in the dark when they’re alive, creating the most fun science lessons.



SpaceBase is a new supporter of SSF, and we are pleased to welcome Emeline & Eric Dahlstrom, Co-Founders of this entrepreneurial venture tasked with co-creating a global Space Ecosystem to serve entrepreneurs in emerging space industries – starting in New Zealand.



NodeBots New Zealand have supported the festival for many years and bought a new experience to many of our visitors young and old, hardware enthusiasts to newbies.



A popular addition to our festival programme – we’re grateful to the support from Merridy and team again this year.




Welcoming special guest Dr. John Barentine, Director of the International Dark Sky Association – an Arizona native who comes to IDA from the “dark side” of science: professional astronomy. John will join us in the Wairarapa on Sat 5th May.




Thanks to the support of NZ Space Agency.  New Zealand’s front door for space activity, and the lead government agency for space policy, regulation and business development.


Westpac New Zealand supported the development of the Space & Science Festival Electronic Rocket, and provide volunteers and use of mobile payment systems.





Thanks to Principal Peter Leggat and the team at Onslow College for welcoming the Space & Science Festival for a third year running.