Onslow @ Day – Space & Science Festival

Onslow College
Sat 26th May
12pm – 4pm
After inspiring more than 10,000 people in Wellington, the Space & Science Society have been working hard to bring you the 5th annual festival.
Space & Science Festival, is a mix of spectacular science displays, science talks and hands-on classroom activities – all created by a group of volunteer parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and technologists. Our focus is on making science accessible, and providing fun experiences that encourage young minds and nurture their interest in a wide range of STEM activities.
  • This year, the Festivals’ Lead Partner, Genesis School-gen, will be showcasing their hands-on child-friendly activities so you can explore the world of energy;
  • Thanks to support from the US Embassy, we welcome back two incredible Woman in Science – NASA’s Dr. Yvonne Cagle, and Dr. Jen Blank;
  • Victoria University are showcasing a full range of their capabilities with toys and demonstrations across their science, and engineering faculties. Suitable for small and adult sized kids, you’ll enjoy Makey Makey, Edison Robots, Quivervision’s 3D augmented reality, and an LED jewellery workshop. For more cool experiences, visit Vic Uni themed rooms including Science of Us, Science Beneath the Sea, Science of the Brain, and Science of NZ;
  • Amadeo from Otago Museum will be offering you a stunning mix science experiments – don’t forget your cameras!
  • Wellington Astronomical Society are long time partners and will show you the sun through their solar-scopes;
  • SpacePlace Education bring us a hands-on, tactile fun environment to play and create – make a moon-dust tower, a galaxy or star cluster;
  • The House of Science and Open Science Lab will provide hands-on science experiences to enjoy;
  • And, for anyone who’s ever wanted to launch a rocket or fly a plane we didn’t forget you…
  • Running throughout the event will be a full programme of interesting and thought provoking talks from some of New Zealand’s leading and innovative organisations, and award-winning Educators .
Tickets are available only through the Space & Science Festival website and have been kept to a very modest $10 per person thanks to our lead partner Genesis School-gen. Ticket sales will support both Onslow College and the Space & Science Festival.
Please read the Event Terms & Conditions here.
Check out our series of events running through May.
See you there!




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