Greytown – Space & Science Festival

Greytown Primary School Programme (click link)
5 May, 12pm – 4pm

After inspiring more than 10,000 people in Wellington over the last two years, the “Space & Science Festival” is coming to the Wairarapa.

Space & Science Festival, is a mix of spectacular science displays, science talks and classroom activity. It’s a not-for-profit charity created by a group of volunteer parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and technologists. Our focus is on making science accessible, and providing fun experiences that encourage young minds and nurture their interest in a wide range of STEM activities.

  • The Festival’s Lead Partner, Genesis School-gen, will be showcasing their hands-on child-friendly activities so you can explore the world of energy.
  • Amadeo from Otago Museum will be offering you a stunning mix of science demonstrations – don’t forget your cameras!
  • Marvel at the beauty of Bio-luminescent Bacteria, thanks to the team from Siouxsie Wile’s team at BrightEnz.
  • Enjoy a variety of talks and presentations in the hall including one of New Zealand’s leading astrophotographers, Stephen Chadwick and his presentation, ‘A journey through the Cosmos’.
  • Not to mention a feast of creative technology to play and learn.

Tickets are only available only through the Space & Science Festival website and have been kept to a very modest $10 a person thanks to our lead partner Genesis School-gen. Ticket sales will support both Greytown Primary School and the Space & Science Festival.

Please read the Event Terms & Conditions here.

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See you there!