Carterton – Evening Talks

Carterton Events Centre
Sat May 5th, 6pm – 9pm
After inspiring more than 10,000 people in Wellington over the last two years, the “Space & Science Festival” is coming to the Wairarapa.
Space & Science Festival is a not-for-profit charity with the primary focus on making STEM accessible to all. This is just one of four events happening during May and is set to be a highlight of the event calendar.
The evening will consist of a series of short talks on “Dark Skies and the Science of Light” that have been organised in collaboration with the Martinborough Dark Sky Society which aims to create an International Dark Sky Reserve in the Wairarapa.
We’re excited to have expert guest speakers from both Victoria University Wellington and Auckland University, plus a special International guest speaker – Dr John Barentine from the International Dark Sky Association in Tuscon, Arizona.
The programme will include:
  • Dr Brendan Darby from Victoria University of Wellington will give an overview of the physics of light and demystify the connections between temperature and colour.
  • Ellery McNaughton from Auckland University will talk about her PhD research on light pollution in New Zealand.
  • Dr John Barentine from the International Dark Sky Association will talk about the associations work to protect our natural night time environment world-wide, highlighting successes in New Zealand.
  • Stephen Chadwick’s exhibition of Astrophotography work in the lobby, entitled ‘A journey through the Cosmos’, will be a visual reminder of the immense beauty of our night skies.
Tickets are only available from the Space & Science Festival website and have been kept to a very modest $10 per person thanks to support for international travel from the US Embassy. Ticket sales will support the Space & Science Festival.
Please read the Event Terms & Conditions here.
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See you there!




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SSF Carterton Talks Ticket$10.00Ticket for 1 person to enter the Space & Science Festival adult evening talks at Carterton Events Centre from 6pm to 9pm on May 5th 2018.

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