The Space & Science Festival is an event run by the Space & Science Festival Society, a not-for-profit organisation formed entirely by volunteers who are passionate about inspiring the next generation of amazing people growing up in New Zealand.

Our society members come from all over New Zealand, and include scientists, astronomers, astrophotographers, engineers, technologists and mathematicians with communication, teaching and lecturing experience. They all give up their time to share their passion for their subjects.

We aim to give children of all ages and their families amazing experiences to inspire them to follow their interests in space, astronomy, astrophotography, science, technology, engineering and maths at a festival we run each year.

Profits above and beyond what we need to run the festival are invested in supporting educational needs in the subjects we focus on.

We’re more than happy to share our experiences to help others set up festivals in their own areas, please get in touch.

Volunteers are always welcome, please get in touch through facebook, twitter or the feedback system on our website.